Trent and Hana Page Wedding:             August-10-2013                 My Dearest LOB –

Can’t thank you boys enough!!  The music was fantastic, very fitting for the setting and for Hana and I.  And you did an especially good job going with the flow – it wasn’t a very structured afternoon but you read the crowd and the mood perfectly (next time you have to bring your swim trunks).  So many people commented on how great the music was and how much they enjoyed having you there as part of the party.  You now have a new fan club, from New York to San Francisco, Boston to LA!
Also glad that you enjoyed the food – we put a lot of thought and effort into it.  We are a crew that LOVES to eat!!
I really hope to see you guys again soon.  Next time we are in the area we’ll check out your schedule.  You never know you may see the two of us jamming out at your next gig.
All the Best,
Trent & Hana

Paula & Steve Pridgeon,  Liam and Logan James:    July 20, 2013        Hey LeftOver Biscuits: You guys are the best ever!!! What a blast!!!! So nice to see all of you and listen to your awesome music. We love listening to you sing. Thank you so much for coming to our little gathering and allowing us to sing with you, and for fitting us into your schedule, and… We won’t come to Montana without seeing you guys…2 years and we will be back!!!  Stay in touch!


Montana Storytellers Roundup:              April 26, 27, 28, 2012       Dear Rudy, Jim and Chad: I’ve been enjoying my cd’s from your band. I love being around you guys as your friendly smiles, cheerful attitudes and generosity with your musical talents are outstanding. I may be 80, but I’m still alive and love you and your music! Love to you all, Lee.


Riverbend Summer Concert Series:            8-1-2011                Great job Biscuits!!! Fantastic concert, again the largest attendance of the year…for the past 5 years. You are such fun entertainers, play great music and are so good with your audience….lots of laughs and great selection of music. Thanks again for a great evening…see you again next year for sure. Robin, booking agent.


Montana Story Tellers Roundup:           April-28,29,30-2011     Hi Rudy, The LeftOver Biscuits were a real hit with people of all ages. They were so well liked that we will bring them back again to Cut Bank, MT next year. At the Napi School in Browning the students actually got up and danced to their music. Something we had never seen before. They want them to come back but we have to share them with other schools. The Seville Hutterrite Colony were thrilled with their performance. We would recommend them for any audience. Many thanks from the Montana Storytelling Roundup in Cut Bank, Mt.


Braga Wedding:                                               7-31-2110                Thanks Jim, Rudy and the Biscuits, We thoroughly enjoyed you guys on Saturday night at our Reception. Jo and I, and everyone else absolutely loved your music. Jim, your music at our ceremony was just perfect, thank you for everything. We will keep an eye on your calendar and surely see you every chance we get. Thanks, Esther and Jo.


Riverbend Summer Concert Series:          7-13-2009            Dear Biscuits….Rudy. Jim, Chad, Paul, Doyle…. The Riverbend Concert Association thanks you form the bottom of its collective hearts for last night’s performance in Bigfork’s Sliter Park. You are, everyone of you, musical geniuses, skilled inter-actors, and first-class entertainers, which of course is why you always attract the biggest and most enthusiastic crowds to our concerts. We appreciate you and look forward to next year with great pleasure. Sincerely, Charlotte French.


Travis Wedding:                                                   5-29-2008               Hi Chad and the Biscuits, Samantha and I would like to thank you and the band sooooooooo much for such a great show you put on. Everyone was thrilled with you guys…….awesome job!! Your band was truly a highlight of the evening, we will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again, Paul.


Pridgeon Wedding:                                             8-28-2007          Hey Rudy and the Biscuits,  Thanks so much for the wonderful music you gave us at our wedding. EVERYONE loved your band, all five hours of you!!!!! I have a couple friends that want to hire you for their wedding, I will stay in touch with you all. Please take care, Bye for now , Paula.


Trieweiller Rehearsal Dinner:                       8-26-2007            Jim, just wanted to let you know that we received many compliments on your music. Everyone had a great time, please thank the band members for me. I hope we can party together again soon. Thank you, Terry.


Colman Wedding:                                                 8-18-2006        Hey Leftover Biscuits, Your performance at our rehearsal dinner at the Great Northern made the night unforgettable. You now have 55 new fans from all over the United States. Maybe we can get together next year for our first anniversary. We had a wonderful time and will always smile and remember the night fondly when we listen to your music on cds. Thank you again, Quincy and Bob.


Uranga Wedding:                                                     7-27-2005         Dear Jim and Leftover Biscuits, thanks so much for being involved in our wedding. Music has always been a very important part of our families’ lives, whether it be for Mass, sitting around the campfire, to celebrate or to mourn. So I knew that I needed a special band for our wedding. Thank you for bringing so much energy and joy to our reception. Everyone loved you and I am certain that they were humming your songs for the rest of the week. All I heard the next day was ” I love the Fiddle and Banjo song, and…” Mark and I realize how blessed we are to have each other and you are just the best! Becky.


Gantner Wedding:                                                   7-17-2004          Dear Leftover Biscuits, Wow!! Thank you so much for your incredible performance at our wedding ceremony and reception. The   music you palyed for the ceremony did so much to enhance the meaningful yet fun atmosphere we had hoped to create. And the reception – well you guys were just awesome. You really red the crowd and played the tunes that would keep them on the dance floor. I can’t tell you how many glowing comments I got from my friends and family. You guys did all the work and I looked brilliant for hiring you. Yeah for me! It really  and would not have been the same special, memorable evening without your good humor and most excellent sounds. Thanks for traveling all the way up to Glacier Park to share your talent on our most special day. Andrea and Rich Gantner.


Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Assn:                         6-14-2003          Hey Biscuit Boys, You should be proud of “A Second Helping”…it sounds really great! Keep up the good work…it was a treat to hear your guest artists Andrea (what a beautiful voice) and Stephen (can bass get any deeper). It’s just like sitting around with you and having a great time. I just wanted to say “Good job”!!!  Brenda Hanson

Del Schoonover:                                                     4-14-2003      Hi, I have your cd “A Baker’s Dozen”. I sure enjoy it and play it a lot. We bought it after one of your concerts when we were in Bigfork last summer. Do you have any others? We’d love to have something else by your band.  regards, Del


Erin & Kevin Ingraham Wedding:                   7-28-2002           Hi guys, Kevin and I just returned from our honeymoon and smiled so much when we read your message! We had an absolutely fantastic time and have commented many times how wonderful you were to work with and how much everyone loved your music! Thank you for contributing to our special day in such a significant way-can’t imagine it without you guys. Take care, and we will certainly see you next time we are in the valley, Erin and Kevin